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Holding tank for a Contest 38s
« on: 15 July, 2011, 22:22:53 »
I need to fit our Contest 38s with a holding tank, has anyone any experience of an installation in this model?

Also, has anyone any experience of fitting a Hydrovane with the 38s ketch rig?  If so, do you have photos?

David and Bev
Sutton Harbour
Plymouth UK


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Re: Holding tank for a Contest 38s
« Reply #1 on: 05 February, 2012, 21:14:04 »
Hi David,

I'm am curious if you got any reaction, or got futher with this topic.
I want to install a holding tank too, but I don't know what the best place is.
I hope you can fill me in with your progress on this topic.

ThanX, Ben

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Re: Holding tank for a Contest 38s
« Reply #2 on: 06 February, 2012, 14:04:07 »
You could try MYS (Medemblik Yacht Service)

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Re: Holding tank for a Contest 38s
« Reply #3 on: 06 February, 2012, 14:27:05 »

I have no experience with installation in an 38S. In our HR38 the (steel) tank was fitted in the cupboards behind the toilet. In our 36S the (flexible) tank is fitted below the front berths. This is not a good solution for us. I plan to have an inox tank made and fitted behind the cupboards also on our 36S.

I plan to have a 3-way valve between toilet, tank and thru-hull so I can also flush the tank through the thru-hull if needed. I already have a thru-deck fitting which I will use for the new tank as well. I'm not sure when I'll have this done. It will probably not be this year since we anly yse the boat for short trips anyway.


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Re: Holding tank for a Contest 38s
« Reply #4 on: 08 February, 2012, 19:38:54 »
Dear David en Bev,

I did fit a holding tank in the Fabian (Contest 38 Ketch). It is positioned under the port side bench. In the space just before the water tank. I build the tank out off water resitant plywood and epoxy. It anabled me to make it fit in to the narrow space. The tank is ca. 90 liter.

The toilet flushes directly in to the holding tank. I can't flush the toilet on open water. When the holding tank is full there are two options:
1. pump it out at an black water in take station or
2. on open water pump it out directly in the sea by means of a special black water pump from jabsco.

For the fittings, filters and dirty wate hose I did apply Vetus equipment.

Sorry for the coal English.

contest 38 ketch bouwnummer 47